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"I have used Zoom Tech for several years and have yet to be disappointed in their service. The service is great and the employee customer service is great also. Brett & company always check your car and tell you what is needed. There is no pressure to have repairs done that they may recommend when checking your vehicle.

The first time I went for an oil change, they recommended front brakes, but Brett took me in & showed me the brakes. They do not tell you you need something when you don't need it.

They reason they saw I needed brakes was they top up all fluids AND rotate your tires at every oil change, if needed. So make Zoom Tech your mechanic shop!"

— Google Review.

"This is the most honest Mechanic I know.. great customer service!!!!!!!!!!!"

— Google Review.

"I have NEVER had better repair service. Friendly, courteous, thorough, and fairly priced. Will recomend and continue to patronize."

— Yelp Review

"An honest, competent and fairly priced mechanic! Previously, we had taken our car to the Honda dealership 4 times to fix a check engine light and stalled acceleration. Each time they told us it was fixed only to have the light return on the way home or within a few days. Finally, we gave up. My wife found Zoom Tech online because of its good reviews. However, I'm naturally suspicious of all mechanics. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded. Brett diagnosed the problem quickly, which turns out was caused by the Honda dealership in the first place, and fixed it for a lot less than the dealership would have. I've now gone over 1,000 miles problem free. No check engine light and good acceleration."

— J.P

"Zoom Tech is very reliable when it comes to getting an honest opinion from a mechanic. I am happy to make the drive from Slidell just for an oil change or service because I know I can trust what they say and that their prices are fair."

— J.I.

"Took my car in for repairs and received a call from the shop advising me of a couple of other items they would check and correct if necessary. They did a wonderful job and I would use their service again when needed."

— C.W.

" My sister in law referred us to ZoomTech when we were new to the area over 14years ago. We have been with Brett ever since! He has always taken great care of us, is honest & dependable. Now that he is selling used cars, it is even better, if that were possible! I have bought 2 vehicles from him and am in the process of buying the third. If a vehicle has needed it - I am sure we have had him fix it over the last 14yrs - from oil changes to replacing a transmission & even replacing the vehicle! Brett helped us keep our almost dying vehicles on the road well past when we thought they would need to be replaced. We won't go any where else!"

— Google Review